A Flowchart by kennajensen
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D: Surgery
D: no Surgery

E: I can pursue a time and place in which i can go through with the surgery.
E; I can simply tell my parents I am not ready to have the surgery and do nothing about it,

C: Lucky my ankle will be all better and will no longer hurt, although I will not be able to walk for a long time.
C: My ankle will hurt all the time and I will not be happy, although i will be able to finish my senior year with a great track season.

I: Having the surgery will allow me to have a happy pain free future. I will be able to run and jump again.
I: Without fixing my problem I will have a very painful future with many sad moments.

D: I believe the time recovering is worth my future and I will go through with the surgery
D: I dont think it is a very good idea to wait on the Surgery. I will go ahead and forget this decision.

E: This decision worked for the better of me and I will no long be in pain. I learned to take care of my body and listen to the signs it gives me.
E: It is very good I decided to Go ahead with the surgery and Actually have it done.