Food & BeveragesMcDonald's Production Process
A Flowchart by lolbree
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It will inform consumers of the production process of the well-known franchise and brand McDonald's.

McDonald's beef, chicken and other meats are imported or delivered from various sources to the restaurant.
The food is either frozen for storage or defrosted for serving. Fresh ingredients are used that day.
Meat is cooked, fried or grilled for serving, and left on a warm plate. Fresh ingredients are added last.
Fries are cut up and deep-fried then sprinkled with slat and left on a hot plate to be served.
When a customer orders the food it is a quick process to assemble all the ingredients together as well as drinks.

Fresh ingredients such as lettuce, tomato and pickles are purchased from local locations and are brought to the restaurant to be used that day.
Drinks such as soft drinks or coffee are delivered just before the store open and are refrigerated. The coffee is used in the machines.
The customer has their order in no time, that's why it's called fast food.