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A Flowchart by oddwalla. See oddwalla's 4me blog page.
Viewed 208 times. Created July 2016.

Information and items from you may find helpful. This Computer flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of oddwalla and Computer for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.
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when franz hopper meets up with aelita meet one more time it is said to give and info about aelitas past but its above the clouds so its so windy but its like paradise but xanas monsters can get there

odd gets his new arrows called whoosshing arrows
yummi gets her new fan power bunkatsu to split throw
ulrich gets his new swords blue sabers
aelita learns what she can do rainbow electric
jeremy recruits a new super member jj pickhardt who can change into utopia,drexel,pheonix,and latnis utopia when their mixed.