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Make your own free flowchart, decision tree or timeline here. When you are done you'll have it saved here at which you and others can access at any time as well as a printer-friendly version to print and share.

A flowchart is a type of diagram. It gives a step-by-step solution to a given problem. Descriptions of the process steps are shown in boxes. The arrows represent the flow of data. Flowcharts are often used to help in decision-making. Flowcharts can be serious or satirical, helpful or humorous, high-tech or low-brow. For a more detailed explanation of flowcharts, see this article in Wikipedia.

Use this program to create and share decision trees. A decision tree is similar to a flow chart. It is another decision support tool. It uses a tree-like graph to show decisions and their possible consequences. See this Wikipedia article.

You can also use this to create a timeline, see example. There are 35 possible blocks to use in making your timeline which you can arrange in a winding snake-like fashion to fit on a screen or on a printed page.

Want more examples? See hundreds of flowcharts, decision trees and timelines created here.

Here is an example of a flowchart. Flowcharts can be used to illustrate and instruct on any topic from "How to play dodgeball" to "Rock & Mineral Identification".
Make Your Own Flowchart 2013. All Rights Reserved.
Do you want to make a flowchart?

"No"? Of course you want to. You were thinking about flowcharts. That's why you landed on this page, correct?

Maybe you hesitate because you don't have an idea right now. Am I right?

So you do have an idea...good. Are you worried that you might make a mistake?

If you need to, you can plan your flowchart with pencil, paper and Post-it notes. Don't worry about making mistakes. With this flowchart maker you will preview your work, so you can correct any goofs.
Great, you said "yes". Let's make your flowchart now.

Whenever you or anybody makes a decision, it's material for a flowchart. If nothing else, make a practice flowchart. It won't be made public until you want it to be. Now are you ready?

See? Flowcharts can be serious or seriously funny.

Check out this page of examples for inspiration.

By the way, aside from publishing your flowchart here on, we provide the code so you can post it elsewhere. Cool, huh?
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