Procurement Flow sheet
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Procurement Steps
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Requestor Places a Request (including Specifications and also TAT)to his PM

Ex: Laptop
Specification: RAM,HARD DISK,Wireless Mouse and so on as per project requirement

Once the request is approved, same has to get an approval of IT Head. If its not approved by any one of them, it cannot be processed further

After the approval, The request would be processed by Procurement Team,RFQs and RFP

Once the quotations are received and reviewed, they will need a final approval.Approval Quatation will be processed further

Procurement team will release the Purchase Order to the vendor and will expedite the process

Procurement team will follow it up with the vendor, IT Team would be kept informed about the proceedings.

If the Material is not working effectively, the user can contact the procurement team after consulting the IT Team.

PO's and Invoice are forwarded to Finance team for processing the payments.

Once the material is delivered, it will be received, a service Tag will be attached and IT Team will handover the material to the requestor.