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Subdivision (Engineering & Adminstration) Flowchart - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Subdivision (Engineering & Adminstration) Flowchart
By Rossbarnett
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Subdivision (Engineering & Adminstration) Flowchart
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Consultant or Developer contacts Technician with respect to new development

Technician sends out "Required Information" Form and requests digital drawings of development

Consultant completes RI form and returns it (emailed) along with AutoCAD file of new development

Technician creates Project #, Drawing # & Engineering Job Issue # (VED & Worktech)

Technician produces design in initial form (90% complete)
Technician issues design to Ajax office for approval

Technician incorporates external comments and revises design to suit

Technician send out design digitally to Bell, Cogeco, Union Gas & Consultant for comments

Technician meets with Construction Supervisor and discusses design

Technician assigns appropriate nomenclature numbers for design (VED)
Technician meets with consultant to determine who will handle the civil portion of Veridian's work

Veridian or Veridian's contractor installed

Consultant to provide costs from their contactor for work

Technician finalizes total costs then produces EE form and submits to Kevin S.

Kevin produces EE amount to be added to Offer to Connect form
Ajax office approves design

Technician submits copies of design to contractor for quote

Contractor submits costs to Technician

Offer to Connect Produced and submitted to Consultant for approval
Technician issues paper copies of drawings to City of Belleville for MC Approval

Technician revises design to suit and resubmits it to Ajax office for approval

Ajax office approves design

Technician produces JPF with all required documentation and sends to Ajax for approval

Technician requests Consultant to approve Offer and provide cheque for full amount of Offer
Customer service to handle individual connections for each lot as homes are constructed

Project is energized provided all inspections are complete and funds are received

Project is constructed as per approved design

JPF is issued to construction

Ajax office approves JPF
As built drawings are produced and issued to GIS

Ajax office approves JPF

JPF is revised to suit comments & resubmits to Ajax