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Fabsuite implementation flow chart - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Fabsuite implementation flow chart
By Sam_Tanke
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Shapes Library

Pricing Maintenance needs to be gone through. (Possibly a full or 2 day job) accuracy is crucial

Shape Maintenance needs to be done for charge lengths and scrap lengths

Estimating needs to learn to build assemblies and labor standards/codes
Jobs with different shapes (all shapes in Library) need to be imported into software prior to implementation
Establish core translations

Detailing and company standards need to be established to reflect the output we want from fabsuite

Begin full usage once labor codes/standards have been established.
Estimating feels comfortable working in software

Inventory can be added at this point.
(weekend makes the most sense less inventory circulating)

Implementation can begin
Run Fabsuite and Fabtrol side by side for a few jobs.

Become comfortable with Fabsuite while also running Fabtrol

Set up Webinars to answer any questions employees may have then implement

Full implementation for detailing, production, purchasing, and inventory can be done. Run jobs out of Fabtrol and solely use Fabsuite