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Roof Observation SWA - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Roof Observation SWA
By Harlie_moon
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Roof Observation Flowchart for Stephen Ward & Associates, Inc.®
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SWA receives contract to perform Roof Observation

Project Manager will write an emergency observation report and contact the appropriate authorities with concerns or questions

Lori Coats will distribute the observation to the appropriate parties

SWA can then bill client
Harlie Moon receives orders to schedule observations performed weekly

In the event the Project Manager is the Roof Observer

In the event of an emergency the observation will be phoned in and discussed with the SWA Project Manager for that project if he/she is not available leave voice mail and allow 45 minutes to return phone call

Harlie Moon will write observation within five days for non-emergencies (Please be available for observation clarification when necessary)


Roof Observers will be scheduled weekly for each observation. Emergency observations will be schedule accordingly and through Harlie Moon to insure all obsservation are covered.

Observers will turn in a hand written observation report to Harlie Moon daily unless it is an emergency

Roof observers are to upload all report supporting pictures to the SWA server within 72 hours of an observation. A file will be named SWA Daily Observation Pictures and individual file will already be established per project. A new folder will be made for your observation reports by Harlie Moon after observation is scheduled labeled by date, project, and observer (example “120511 WSCC Phase III Library John Doe”)

Roof Observers will receive email copy of completed report for review and file

A minimum of 20 pictures will be needed for each observation report as well as pictured documentation of each item discussed in observation report