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Property Show Around for Arrival guest - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Property Show Around for Arrival guest
By Soham
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Property Show around for Check in guest
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Check In formalities Done. Passport / ID collected for scanning.

Request permission for doing a brief show around depending on the time of the day and the guest state of mind.

Step 1.
Move away from the reception towards the Easy bar and point towards the Caramel and Easy bar giving a brief about the two. Walk towards the pool side showing the shopping arcade.

Step 2.
Walk out side to the smoking area and explain the restaurants in the floowing order.
A> Grill@11
B> Latitude
c> Mystic Malsala.

Step 3.
Come towards the lobby entrance near the staircase and point towards the entrance for Spa/Salon/Gym explaiing the timings for the same.
Step 8.
Show the usage of the room key and power saver. Remeber to allow the guest to enter first. Enter the room only after taking the permission from the guest to enter.

Step 7.
Allow the guest to be board the elevator before you exit. Then guide the guest to the room on the floor. Check if he would be requiring any reservations made for the day.

Step 6.
Enter the elevator and explain the timings and other details of the restaurants if missed. Inform about the Wifi charges and how to connect to the network.

Step 5.
Come near the elevator and show and point towards the Whispering babmoo and mention the operating timings while you wait for the elevator. Collect the ID from the reception incase the same has been scanned already.

Step 4.
Walk towards the lobby while explaining the Mezzain floor, mentioning the business center and board room facilities.
Step 9.
With permission from the guest show the following things in side the room. (Clock wise or Anti Clock wise)
1> Fire Exit
2> Power Saver
3> AC control panel
4> Tea Coffee setup
5> Treat yourself
6> The Elsafe and its operations
7> Laundry hamper and collection procedure.
8> The speed dials on the telephone for "ASK"
9> Wi-Fi if not mentioned before.
10> Switches for DND / Make my Room.

Step 10.
Ask the guest for any assistance if required immediately. Thank the guest and close the door after you exit.