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CSVa (Cremation Society of Virginia) - Health...a Flowchart
Health. CSVa (Cremation Society of Virginia)
By Blair_Nelsen
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“In certain circumstances, it is necessary to notify local police of a death. Has the person been under a physician’s care?”

“If the individual has not been under a physician’s care, or if the death is due to suspicious circumstances, please contact the local police. After conferring with a local medical examiner, the police will contact us to respond.”

Are you the next of kin?

Virginia law requires that a funeral provider must inquire about the wishes of the next of kin. Is next of kin available?

If next of kin is not available, do you have a notarized Designee Agreement appointing you to handle funeral arrangements?

Under Virginia law, it is necessary to make a good faith effort to notify the next of kin. If no next of kin is available, friends or other persons may assume financial obligations of the funeral arrangements.

Call the Cremation Society.
Call the Cremation Society

Please have the contact information for the next of kin available when you contact us or provide us with a copy of the Designee Agreement.