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Budget making and control - Business...a Flowchart
Business. Budget making and control
By Deepak
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Budget making and control
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Presentation of budget by each Swon head,explaining the basis of the amounts being requsted.

Review of budget by centre head,finance and audited by an outside management person.


Budget acceptable to all

If budget is not acceptable , suitable changes are made by the Swon owner and presented again for approval

Once the changes have been made budget would be finalised

Finalisation of budget after review

Account heads defined for each expense by Finance department

Receipt of invoice by the Swon Owner. department. Stamps the invoice as Budget with a B in a circle stamp.

Swon owner to approve the invoice, put the expense head as was defined by the finance

If the expense amount is not budgeted,Swon Owner takes the approval of the Country head giving valid expalanation for the amount not being part of the budget

Once approval received from Country head then invpoice can be sent to the Finance with requisite approval.

Swon owner sends the invoice for approval as per MAC if not already done so.

Invoice is received by Finance department. Finance associate checks if Swon owner has mentioned budget or not budgeted

If budget, he debits the same to the mentioned account

If amount not mentioned as budget and amounts belonged to a budgeted swon , Finance looks for the exception approval, if the same is not attached finance sends it back to the Swon owner, asking for the expanation