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Hurt Burn 2.0 - Science & Nature...a Flowchart
Science & Nature. Hurt Burn 2.0
By Alex_D.
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How Hurt Burn goes from host animal to people to other people.
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The virus starts out in its host animal. The host animal is the one species that can be infected with the virus, but it doesn't take the effects of the virus. This is so the virus can slip away between epidemics.

The host animal will most likely come in contact with either another animal and the virus passes on to another animal, or it will come into contact with a human and pass it on through a cut or another entry into the body.

The virus has either infected another animal, which will lead to another infection, which eventually lead to you becoming infected, or the host animal has infected you, but now you're infected. This is when the first mutations start to occur.

Mutations are starting to occur. The new viral cell is in the body but doesn't know what to do. What happens now is that this new virus cell's RNA combines with another cell's RNA, thus mutating the cell so that it has the right proteins to infect human mucus cells.

Now, the virus has been mutated. It is now ready to start infecting other people and wreak havoc. Whenever people come into contact with each other, the virus will spread on, killing as it goes. Hurt Burn may become the next Avian Flu or Marburg Fever. Watch out world, here come Hurt Burn!