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The Houses: Just what are they about? - Harry Potter...a Flowchart
Harry Potter. The Houses: Just what are they about?
By Won-Won
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Hey! Before you go taking all those Gryffindor/Slytherin quizzes, look at what they're about. Here are the in-depth stats . . .

-Gryffindor: By far the most wanted house, Gryffindor stands for courage and chivalry. You should go here if you would fight instead of run, or if you are determined to defeat the evil that surrounds you. Please note: Just because this is Harry Potter's house does not mean it is 'bad' or 'wrong' to be in any other house. I happen to be in Ravenclaw. Go Ravenclaw!

-Slytherin: We've all heard about how infamous Slytherin is. But is all the hype true? Answer: Absolutely not! Slytherin is for the cunning/ambitious, and lets face it, that could go one of two ways. As long as your head is on straight, there's no reason you won't become some famous Quidditch player or the Minister of Magic. You are sly and sneaky, which can be useful, and you are ambitious, meaning you dream and you dream big. What's wrong with that?

-Hufflepuff: Are you a clean freak? Do you redo your homework because somebody bumped your hand? Could you have nightmares of a dirty room? Well, if you do, Hufflepuff is the place for you. Hufflepuffs have values, they clean up after themselves, respect others, recognize honor when they see it, and are on the whole kind and unselfish. A Hufflepuff is nothing to snort at.

-Ravenclaw: You might be wondering why Gryffindor always wins Quidditch. The answer is that to be courageous, it might take some muscle. Not the case in Ravenclaw. They have brains and know how to use them, and you wouldn't want to come face to face with them in a duel. They learn quickly, may be a bit odd, but on the whole are pleasant and relaxed. In my opinion (and you can take that for about squat) Ravenclaw is the best house, but, then again, I'm faced with prejudice because it is MY house.

Well, now that you've seen what each house is like, go out there and get sorted into one. I recommend the test on
It's lengthy, but that makes it accurate and you'll get more than just your house. You'll see how close you were to being in other houses, by how much you got in, and loads more. Check it out!

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