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Where do you get illustrated laughs, shocks, and soap-opera drama that can't be beat? - Anime...a Flowchart
Anime. Where do you get illustrated laughs, shocks, and soap-opera drama that can't be beat?
By Ruby_Gloom33
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Animes are often full of tangled love lives, bitter rivalries, and hilarious situations that make its readers almost addicted to the Japanese-style comics. Often this is because the characters' lives are either similar to their own, or just much more exciting. For me, ever since the first time I picked up a manga and watched an anime, I was hooked and laughing so hard I actually cried. My column is basically about my personal views on popular (if old) mangas/animes. Most of the ones I'll review and summarize are well-loved animes that everyone's seen.

The first anime I ever watched was Rumiko Takahashi's INUYASHA. To this day, It's still one of my favourite animes I've seen.

Okay, It would take ages to summarize the basic plot of the story. If you want to know it, look it up on Wikipedia. It's better to understand the story before reading this review, because I might give something away, and you just won't get it unless you do.

Many people consider me freaky for this, but I actually tend to prefer the antagonists to the protagonists in this series, and in fact in many others. In my review and comments, I will probably go on and on and on about the bad guys who appear and die in the series. Please forgive me for that, but I can't help it.

My review and comments:

Kagome got on my nerves more and more as the series progressed. She is (in my view) one of the more useless characters. She shoots sacred arrows, but doesn't have the best aim. She's always playing the damsel in distress by tripping and needing saving all the time. I understand that in the time she comes from, she doesn't need to be able to fight, but compared to the other main characters, she is seen as a bit of a wimp. She's featured in loads of fanfictions with almost every male character in the series. Funny enough, she's usually being raped in them. Odd.

Inuyasha gets on many people's nerves by not being able to choose between Kikyo, his old lover, and Kagome, the girl who's actually ALIVE. He uses his sword, made from his father's fang, the Tetsusaiga (I hope I spelled that right)all the time, but really only has two techniques with that sword until the new series, The Final Act, where he learns the dragon scale thing.

Kikyo has always been my least favourite character. I am an energetic and loud person, so I suppose that I naturally don't usually get along with quiet, spiritual people, but she really annoys me. I don't want any flamers, but honestly, I wish that she would just die and STAY DEAD! She keeps coming back like a bad penny!

Sango was my favourite female character for a long time, because she's a good fighter, and she's funny sometimes as well. I never really had a problem with her, which is strange. I know that she gets featured in lots of Sango/Bankotsu (leader of the resurrected band of seven) fanfics, which are often my favourite ones to read.

Miroku has to be the character that makes me laugh the most. He is lustful towards every girl he meets, and I mean every girl. He and Sango have their off and on moments but (SPOILER) they do end up together. Random fact; of all the male characters that look older than 16 and aren't monks or bald, he has the shortest hair. Okay, because he's a monk that didn't make sense, but oh well. It sounded better in my head anyways.

Koga was my favourite character of the entire series for at least thirty episodes. He's loyal, a good fighter, and he always made me laugh. I still consider him to be more handsome (the way anime characters always are) than Inuyasha. Maybe it's just because I like him better. Probably. People often joke that he wears a skirt, but I really never noticed until someone pointed it out. The first time he appears, he tries to kill Inuyasha and the others for killing his wolves. He and Inuyasha retain a bitter rivalry throughout the series, and my favourite thing that he says is when he calls Inuyasha a "mutt face". That makes me laugh every time.

Sesshomaru was my favourite male character until Koga came in. Despite his arrogance and cold behaviour, his thoughtless killings, and freakish transformation, he's really a good......okay. He's not. But he gets better! A little demon travels with him, Jaken, and Rin. I know there are loads of Sess fangirls out there, and loads of fanfics about Sess and Rin (when she grows up, thank heaven). My favourite Sess moments are when he does something totally uncharacteristic; hits Jaken, throws a rock at him, or something like that. Things that, coincidentally, Inuyasha does all the time. One little comment I would like to add; Sesshomaru, in many fanfic lemons, is often the one who rapes the terrified girl. Why him?

OKAYYY!!! BAD GUY TIME!!! hehe my fave part!!
(I'll go in basically chronilogical order with this. The bad guys I'll review are most of them (my faves), and most of the ones that get killed.)

Hiten: A handsome (in my op) thunder demon, one of the Thunder Brothers that are killed by Inuyasha in ep 9. He fried his girlfriend to a crisp, something that, for some reason, (sarcasm) made many people like him a bit less. I didn't mind so much, but then, I'm a freak and I didn't like her to begin with. I was actually mad at Inuyasha (yes I get angry at fictional people. It happens) for several days for killing Hiten. His name means Flying Heaven. I think it's a pretty fitting name, despite his hobby of killing armies for exercise.

Another of Naraku's many incarnations, Juromaru was not exactly handsome, but his character intrigued me from the moment I saw him. He wore a curious mask over his face and shackles, which perked my interest in his character. It turns out that he had another thing inside him, and blah blah he got killed. Never mind.

The Band of Seven:
this is a big section. I won't review the ones I don't really think about, so at least that'll cut down a bit.

Renkotsu: Okay. This is the one that really got me angry. He does everything he can to stay alive, but ends up dying again anyways! Honestly! Sometimes people can be such dummies! If he'd just stuck with his own shard, maybe Ginkotsu's as well, and then run away from Bankotsu for, lets say, a year or so, maybe if he'd gone to China and disguised himself, he might have remained alive. However, that isn't the way of a blood-thirsty mercenary, of course. So he died, and killed Jakotsu to add insult to injury! GeeZ! I'm GLAD Bankotsu killed him! I just wished he'd hurried it up a bit!

Suikotsu: He's what I believe to be the most complicated character of the Band of Seven. He's got that alter-ego thing going on and whatever, but surely I'm not the only one who's realized that when he's in his scary form he has no eyebrows. I think he looks dumb like that, and also as a doctor when he has his hair up. His head looks much too small for his body like that. But when he's a doctor and he has his hair down....(sigh)...he looks SO much better. Of course, he's a pretty creepy character, even for me.

Jakotsu: Jakotsu is the funniest of the Band of Seven. He's in love with Inuyasha, and I laughed SO HARD when he first came in. (I'm quoting episode 103 ...roughly, this is what they said.) J"Are you the one I'm looking for? Are you Inuyasha?" K"Huh?" I"I've never met you, how do you know my name?" (stars in Jakotsu's eyes) "You're adorable!!" I"what?" J"I especially love those fuzzy ears of yours. I want them." ....skip....Miroku:"Answer me!" J"Inuyasha is handsome, but you're pretty sexy yourself, monk."

OMG I just laugh and laugh whenever I watch that bit. By far, the funniest character to ever appear on Inuyasha.

Bankotsu: Bankotsu is voiced (in the English dubbed version) by Matt Hill, a voice actor who does the voices of many animated characters, Pantyhose Taro (Ranma 1/2) being my favourite of those. He has an amazing voice, and I fell in love with Bankotsu's character the first time I saw him. (No, I'm not a freak, but his immature character is exactly the kind of guy that I'm attracted to) He's always been my favourite Band of Seven member, not just because he's the strongest, best-looking, or because he's the leader. Ever since he first came into the series, I immediately switched teams, cheering for HIM instead of Inuyasha. I literally shouted "Get him! Come on, now's your chance!" during their first battle, and when Bankotsu was finally killed by Inuyasha, I went absolutely crazy. I actually cried, and drew a rough sketch of me hitting Inuyasha over the head with a mop shouting "How could you?". Weird, I know. I still haven't forgiven Inuyasha for doing that. I have never liked him as much as I used to since the moment Bankotsu's resurrected soul escaped his lifeless body.

Hakudoshi always interested me because of his similarity in appearance to another of Naraku's late incarnations, Juromaru. He was a very interesting character to me, and unlike many inuyasha viewers/readers, I wasn't anticipating his death. Many fanfics have been written about him and Kanna, another of Naraku's incarnations that prefers a child-like form. I consider them a cute couple, children or not. They are both very pale and quite colourless. Hakudoshi was actually one of my favourite "villains".

Naraku: My only thought on him: I like his hair. It's long and wavy and it looks pretty in all the theme songs. That's really it. Oh, and he's not nice. Yeah, lame.

Hope you liked it, and were interested by my thoughts/ opinions. I know loads of you will disagree with me on certain things, but I just wanted to put my ideas out there
I don't own Inuyasha.

My next column will probably either be on Naruto, Junjo Romantica, or Ranma 1/2. Maybe Howl's moving castle, but not likely.