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The Doe Hunt - Original Fiction...a Flowchart
Original Fiction. The Doe Hunt
By Rowanwings
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This Original Fiction. flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of Rowanwings and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.

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I hunt not for me but for the pack I support. Being alpha means I am respected and feared but also loved. My mate my pups all wait for this deer I now stalk! It stopped. It's looking for danger. It is a doe, I force my heart beat to slow. She looks around then begins to graze again, I stalk forward my paws nothing but a ghost on the forest floor. She not four yards away now. I can hear my pack in the brush a few feet away their shallow breathing in unison to my ears their hard beat sounds like drums beating the beat of the hunt. The doe stiffens. She senses danger now with a flick of my tail my pack silently makes a circle around our prey. I let out a howl and jump. I jump on her back and bit down on her neck breaking it and instantly killing her. One of my pack tries to eat but I instantly break in taking my fill of the doe. I howl again but this time a summon a few moments later the sound of little paws break through the darkness followed by the bigger paws I would know anywhere. My mate and our two pups emerge. I let them pass to get a take at the prey snapping at whatever pack member who tried to sneak past me to the kill. Only after my mate and pups moved back in to the brush did I let the pack pass. I could here them tear in to it as I followed my mate in to the brush. She had went back into a low hanging moss bank. I enter and lay down beside her, the pups play wrestle near the entrance. I close my eyes and begin to dream about tomorrow's hunt.