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The opinions of a 13-year-old anime enthusiast - Opinion...a Flowchart
Opinion. The opinions of a 13-year-old anime enthusiast
By Hannah_M.
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My opinion of Narusaku

~Before I start this, I must say that I am sorry if I offend anyone; this is only my opinion. ~

Whether you have enjoyed ‘Naruto’ from the beginning, or are just starting to dive into the immerse world of the shinobi, one thing you`ll discover is that, like any anime, the fanbase has diverse opinions on many topics-one of these being couples. Narusaku is one of the most debated pairings, so I would like to attempt to tackle this subject.
At the very beginning of the series, many fans supported this couple because they wanted to see the main character get what he wanted. As the show progressed, however, many people started to ship Sasusaku, after seeing Sakura`s love and devotion towards Sasuke.
Once Shippuden rolled around, though, due to the mix of the fact that Sasuke was not around to occupy Sakura`s every thought, and the fact that Naruto still had a crush on Sakura, the tides turned and Narusaku became one of the most popular couple; possibly even more popular than Naruhina.
I, however, support Naruhina. Even though there has been an abundance of teamwork and friendship between Naruto and Sakura, I just can`t see them as more than great friends. There are several reasons for this. Here are a few:
Reason 1: Sakura`s lack of romantic feelings for Naruto
I`m not necessarily saying that Sakura doesn`t love or care about Naruto…I`m just saying that I don`t think she loves him romantically. Regardless of whether she still loves Sasuke, we know that she used to love him. She treated Sasuke kindly and respectfully; she paid attention to him, comforted him (when he would accept it), and never hurt him. She doesn`t treat Naruto that way at all. I know that she cares for him, but she does hit him often, and often shoots him down. She`s not very gentle with him, that`s for certain.

I know that some people say that the punching is only for comedic relief, but it occurs regularly, and, really, would you have the nerve to punch the guy you liked every time he said something that mildly upset you? Don`t you think that would send him the wrong idea? It`s also not like she`s trying to hide her feelings for him; she seems like a straightforward person, and I`m sure she`s confident enough in herself to tell him if she did like him. Speaking of confessions, here is my second reason(there are major spoilers, here)…
Reason 2: Sakura`s “Confession”
It`s certain that Sakura cares for Naruto; she would go great lengths to prevent him from getting into trouble (other than with herself…).
--Before I continue, I`d like to state once again that this is my opinion—
This is shown by her ‘confession’. In my opinion, I think that Sakura`s confession was fake; it`s not just my ‘Naruhina Intuition’ that tells me this- it`s the fact that she was very unemotional and brief-Sakura basically said in a rush: “I like you now, Naruto!! I was so stupid to like Sasuke! It doesn`t matter that I was crazy for him for more than three years-a woman can randomly change her mind whenever, you know! Why can`t you believe that?!” …that does sound a little crazy…especially since we all know that she was head-over-heels in love with Sasuke. You could tell that she was actually in love with Sasuke because when she begged him not to leave, she not only told him that she cared for him, she even said tearfully that she`d do anything—even become a rouge ninja—just to be with him! If that`s not real love and devotion, I`m not sure what is. Therefore, hearing her confession, I was very skeptical. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Kishimoto had to take two weeks to write the chapter-I think this is because he had to work and think hard to come up with illustrations that realistically displayed Sakura`s lack of sincerity.
Reason 3: Sakura`s love for Sasuke
(Note: this also contains major spoilers)
I think that Sakura still loves Sasuke. Other than the fact that (in my opinion) strong feelings of love are impossible to erase, there is also an instance that shows her love for Sasuke; as the recent manga chapters (474+) have shown, we find out that Sakura wants to kill Sasuke. Yamato says that the reason for this is that Sakura thinks it would be better for him to be dead then to suffer-and since she still loves him, she can`t afford to see him in pain.

Now, I`m not sure of Mr. Kishimoto`s plans for the manga, but regardless of what happens to Sakura and Sasuke, we know that she still loves him.

In conclusion, I do not think that Narusaku will happen because of Sakura`s past actions, as well as her emotions and (proven) unwavering devotion for Sasuke. Maybe she does love Naruto romantically; maybe, if she does succeed in defeating Sasuke, she`ll be able to move on from him and accept Naruto as her lover-this is an unpredictable manga. However, based on what we know about the characters, I don`t think that Narusaku will happen.
~Written by shygirl914~


Hi. My name is Hannah, and I am 13 years old. I`m shy and somewhat withdrawn, and my friends call me nice. I always think before I speak, as I don`t want to antagonize someone-thus, in advance I would like to apologize if my opinions ever offend anyone.

My favorite anime is the show Naruto(I am categorizing 'Naruto Shippuden' as 'Naruto'). There is a diverse array of characters throughout the world of Naruto. The main characters are Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke(though all the characters are important).

When Naruto Uzumaki was a newborn, a powerful spirit was sealed within him, thus, the villagers ostracized him due to fear. He was orphaned at birth, and the only person who was kind to him was his teacher at the Ninja Academy, Iruka. At the Academy, he was always behind, though he eventually caught up with everyone else.

He graduated from the Academy when he was twelve, and had gained 1.) A dream to be the leader of the village(hokage)2.) A kind friend( Iruka), 3.) A sweet girl who is infatuated with him(Hinata), 4.) A crush(Sakura), 5.)A rival(Sasuke), and 6.)A team of ninja who would befriend and help him throughout the tumultuous world of being a shinobi; Team Seven-consisting of Kakashi Hatake(his sensei), Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and himself.

For about two years, Naruto befriended the rest of his village, and worked with his team, growing close to both Sakura and Sasuke. However, due to Sasuke`s quest to gain power(which I`ll elaborate on, later), the Uchiha boy left the village, leaving Sakura, his lover, in tears. Since he loved her, Naruto promised Sakura that he would bring back Sasuke, though failed several different times.

For the next two and a half years, Naruto left the village to train with the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya. While he was gone, Sakura and Sasuke also trained vigorously with the other two Sannin, making Sakura a strong medical ninja, and Sasuke a powerful avenger.

Naruto reunites with his comrades, and wastes no time in pursuing Sasuke-however, numerous events distract him from saving his friend, who has become lost in his own hatred, as possibly unsaveable.

~Naruto is a really great series, and I can`t wait to share my opinion on the topic.~
Thank you for reading this,
I`ll write, soon,


~Hannah M.~