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WWE Divas? - Opinion...a Flowchart
Opinion. WWE Divas?
By Echos_thoughts
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Oh how i miss the day of lita, chyna, jazz, trish and so on. but now we are stuck with divas who all look alike with the exception of few. why does wwe insist on training former models to be wrestlers and treating the real women wrestlers like crap? i remember the golden years of divas and feel that all their hard work has gone down the toilet. don't get me wrong there are some divas that are worth watching like katie lea amazing wrestler great on the mic but left off tv for long periods of time because she is a unique character like luna vachon befor her. beth phoenix is amazing and we all know this but as we have seen the wwe does not know what to do with her next, she as dominated almost every diva there is, although a feud with natalya would be awesome i don't see it anytime soon. mickie james is decent but has since let her in ring abiltiy slip some due to her less than motivative desire to wrestle in a company who complains about her figure. layla and melina are ok workers. all though melina is some what sloppy as of late. she can still put on a good match and she has the natural charisma that wwe needs. but people like maria, kelly kelly, the bellas etc have no place there although with the right opponent they have decent matches they are taking up time and money that wwe could use to find better female wrestlers so there is more variety i am sorry but i am kinda of sick of all the blonde hair blue eyed models in the wwe ring i want real women's wrestling and i know most would agree!