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Music. Jump right in
By Amazingtoo
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Jump right in

It was my birthday Saturday and I wanted to get dressed up and go out, something I haven't done in many units of time. Since classical music is on my daily pleasures list I thought to invite friends to see a performance, maybe have dinner, dessert, no one dares anymore but what the heck it was my birthday. Four people wanted to celebrate with me and I was delighted to find out that the Philharmonic was playing dowtown, kismet, on my birthday!
The Hall is a most gorgeous, quaint bit if historical significance, I was reminded as we walked in. I ventured that there were 150 people there and the rounded form of the remodeled church with stunning stained glass windows felt like a cocoon. We were soon met with flickering house lights and as the Principal violinist prepped the musicians I sat like a child, motionless, eyes fixed on the huge number of orchestra members in what appeared to be a small stage. I've never seen so many violinists in one place and was to discover how infectious their sound can be.

The first part of the concert took me all over the world, waking up my sleeping senses, I was hooked. My ears translated rapidly incoming sounds with relish and I quickly let go and found myself clutching the warm old oak pew beneath me with both hands as undulating patterns of sound and vibration filled the air, swept the walls and permeated the wood throughout. I watched the others. One of my friends sat smiling, moving his hands, conducting, another sat motionless, smiling, Zen-like, another restless, grinning like a child, the other calmly staring, smiling. I closed my eyes satisfied.

The orchestra wove intricate streams of colorful, poignant textured wavelengths winding, swirling leaping as a gazelle to a most exquisitely screaming grand finale of three glorious parts of the first set. I looked around, beaming faces. The sound of our applause paled. And the next wave was about to arrive.

We were treated to a young pianist, whose mastery grew and engulfed the room within a few minutes. It was then that I listened for everything and was surprised over and over at the expertly clear wave of each instrument, I could hear each instrument, in pieces that crashed from astounding wholeness of syncopated and coordinated musical voyage into completed crescendos and tiny notes running along a wire at breakneck speed, breathless, falling into a warm wind of quiet..we could hear it all. The first piece and we had to wait to applaud. The piano came alive before our eyes. There came waves and waves of rolling ocean, each with its own language and color, each one clear as day, in exquisite timing and breaking with anticipated perfection. Her essence poured out of the splendid wooden piano body, her talent carried each moment and her timing was beyond understanding. Those pieces defied gravity and this orchestra had become the absurdity of the composer's whim.

I took several deep breaths as we broke for intermission, surely others were so moved. I noticed that there were a couple of musicians who looked like they were 8 years old, helplessly bound to a disciplined expression of an otherworldly nature and others who appeared to be so well in their chairs and the oneness with their instruments that there was no separation between them, after so many years. There was a quiet confidence in the eyes in front of us, all through their earth shaking rolls and their soft, elegant brushes. How magnificent.

I recognized no one in this huge marvelous group of people who visited my soul as I listened and took it all in. Yet you all gave me tremendous pleasure on my birthday. My friends and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.