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Books that makes you want to be like Indiana Jones- minus being old and a dude - Opinion...a Flowchart
Opinion. Books that makes you want to be like Indiana Jones- minus being old and a dude
By CherryBlossom
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There are some good books out there, but what are REALLY good books? You know, the ones that make you jump out of your seat with suspense and make your mind want to separate from you body and fly away to a place where fantasy is really. And believe me, there are some of those kind of books that can be found out there somewhere. You just have to look hard enough for them and sometimes they just pop out right in front of you. Like the other day, I was in Borders and i was trying to decide on a really good book that will have me lost in its crisp, worded papers and binding for days on end until finished, which for me wouldn't last long. Consider me a devoted reader. Once i get into a book, its like you have to splash cold water on me to tear me away from my it. My books are my life. People are always saying that I should donate some of the books I have to the library or charity or something but I love my books. I know that when I get too many books to fit my house then I'd have to give some away. And when that day comes, it will be hard. Anyway, while trying to pick out a book, my friend finds me in an aisle of fantasy, young adult books (those are my fave) and told me to take a look at this one book that I have never heard before. It was THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES. When i read the summary on the back, I was totally like, "Wow, I NEED to have this book!". And so I got the book and when I read it I found out that I was so totally right! It was one of the most awesome books that I have ever read. So, some advice to some of you out there reading this. Try and be open minded. Even sometimes I forget to be and end up missing some of the coolest moments where it could have been me doing and experiencing those things. So never turn down an interesting book or something other than that like going on an amusement ride or doing some kind of sport...... Its real important that everybody gets to do something different once and awhile. I'm not saying to do something different every second or every day. Just once and awhile. Because those moments when do are cool.