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Werewolfs, Vampires - Horror...a Flowchart
Horror. Werewolfs, Vampires
By Wolfgirl92
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This Horror. flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of Wolfgirl92 and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.

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There is a lot of information about werewolfs and vampires around the world, and I am going to tell you abaout some of the things that I'm wondering about. (that I have read)

Things about Werewolfs is maby not always true like Silver it's not always the Werewolfs get hurt by it, and the full moon, it's not always the Werewolfs is changing under it, (but that can be because it could be clouds in the sky) And Vampires, it's not always they die when the sun is rising. It says that vampires are immortal but do they think about the sunrise or the heart staked thru.

One thing I am wondering about is why the Werewolfs and Vampires always are in war?!
I don't now why they are but I think it's becaus they are so different from eachother.
Like Werewolfs are wolfs/dogs and Vampires are lions/cats, and you now cats and dogs don't like eachother (I don't now why).

I can't understand why but I like Both sides. decide for yourself wich side you like I can't decide for you.

I'm positiv that I'm not the only person who wonders about this things about Werewolfs and Vampires. I don't understand why my head is full with this things, but I like some of the legends and myths about the Werewolfs and Vampires...

Sometimes I wish that I could be a Vampire, but I also wish that I could be a Werewolf... hmm... hard choise.
Argh.. It's not even a choise both of them are monsters... I can't believe i'm writing this down on this side... maybe i'm just doing it because I can get it out of my head.