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Blunt - Opinion...a Flowchart
Opinion. Blunt
By Scarlet_Black
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It has been a long long long time since I sat on that little chair, blue of color, and thought about my life. Of why I was born, my destiny and other things that'd make my life popular if I carried on with the plans. The plans. The little plans that make me laugh now, because they do not really have any practicality. I don't have what it requires to be remembered forever, like the Pharaoh was. I am an ordinary person with no extraordinary story to tell, nothing to tell that even relates to your life. Nothing at all; it's all empty. It's all blunt, like an unused knife. My life is a simple one, a normal one if you think what you are doing is normal. With no dream vampire loving me, not a humble loving guy; nothing to rebel about..nothing to expect, I hope it just goes on and on like this....
Like this..
always like this...
like a mushroom....
like a turtle...
like a leaf, withered brown. like myself..

But then..

"But then" is a mysterious little phrase. It let's you think, makes you wonder about the wildest possibilities; is someone going to run into the room and announce an accident? Do I see my first love? Does an Alien peeps into the sky and lands in front of me? What happens? Really? I can't sit on my blue little chair anymore. Thoughts used to swim into my head whenever I sat there. Then I grew up, so I can't sit there anymore. My bum is bigger, so are my hands and legs. My brain is possibly bigger, but had been reprogrammed to adolescence. So when the sun sets, I stand behind my blue plastic chair as if it is my old grand mother, in need of love of a grand child. If she was really here I would surely sit by her legs and put my head softly on her knees and weep. Then she'd ask me why I was weeping...I would tell her that I was overwhelmed. Not much of a clever answer, more like a lame excuse.

I stood there, nothing happened. I wished for a comet to run over the sky, it didn't; I wish someone would come and call me, it did not happen. I wish I would find something tantalizing lying on the floor, perhaps a treasure map. But nothing happened, nothing at all.