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  1. Which Metallica Member are you?
  2. Which Korean Music Group Should You Be A Member Of?
  3. Which Music Subscription Service Should You Use?
  4. Which Member of KoRn are you?
  5. Electric Guitar Selector
  6. What DCI Division I Drum Corps Is For You?
  7. What Gorillaz song are you?
  8. Which Weezer Song Are You?
  9. Which Def Leppard band member are you?
  10. Which Slipknot Member Are You Like?
  11. Which Nirvana Song Are You?
  12. Which Malice Mizer Member Are You?
  13. Which System Of A Down Member are you?
  14. Which MetallicA song are you?
  15. What percussion instrument are you?
  16. Which kind of woodwind instrument should you play?
  17. What type of musician are you?
  18. Which Backstreet Boy are you most like?
  19. Which KISS member are you most like?
  20. Which John Mayer Song Best Describes You?

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