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  1. The Tarot Deck Selector
  2. Tarot- Major Arcana
  3. Is Your Child an Indigo Child? (Or are you?)
  4. Which of the Sefirot of the Kabbalah intrigue you?
  5. Find your Elemental Affinity
  6. Which Magical Tradition Are You?
  7. Are you an Adult Indigo? -the Adult counterpart of the Indigo Child
  8. What Kind Of Stone Are You?
  9. What colour is your aura?
  10. Which of the 9 elements are you most like?
  11. find your magic type
  12. What type of Mage are you?
  13. How Strong is Your Connection With Your Guardian Spirit?
  14. What is your Element?
  15. What Flavour of Incense are You?
  16. What Type Of Seductress Are You?
  17. The Divination That Is Right For You
  18. Which Witch Are You
  19. Which Anita Blake Character are you?
  20. Which class of Greek Daimon do you belong in?

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