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Auto Personality Quiz
Which car or truck matches your personality? Surveys show that your location, your income, your education and your politics are among the indicators of what sort of car you'll drive. Answer the following questions, and we'll rank nearly one hundred automobiles and trucks. At or near the top of those rankings, look for the car you drive or the car you wished you drove.

1. Are you interested in seeing which car best matches your practical requirements?

  Yes, I am interested in learning which car or truck best meets my functional needs.
  No, I am here at the "Auto Personality Quiz" because I want to know which vehicle is appropriate for my individuality, my style and my remarkable qualities.
  No, I am interested in learning the fair price for a particular used car or truck.

2. How old are you?
55 and older

3. Where in the United States do you live?
The East
The South
The Midwest
The West

4. How much education have you received? If you are currently in school how much do you expect to attain?
High School
Some College
College Graduate

5. If you are not a dependent, what is your household income? If you are a dependent, skip this question.
Less than $35,000
$35,000 to $75,0000
More than $75,000

6. Which political party most often receives your vote or support?
Other or independent

7. Which ideology describes you best?

8. Which of these statements are true of you?
Customer satisfaction ratings could influence me.
People judge me positively and know that I'll do the right thing
I want to be in control.
I am nurturing and protective.
I am practical.
I am a status seeker.
All things being equal, I'd prefer good gas mileage.

9. Which best describes you?
Heterosexual male
Heterosexual female
Homosexual male
Homosexual female

10. Which of these traits describes you?
Rugged individualist

11. Even though you realize that some so-called foreign vehicles are made domestically and some so-called domestic makes are made abroad, do you prefer makes traditionally associated with a particular area?
I'd rather have an American brand car or truck.
I like Asian name plates.
It's European brands for me.

12. Would you buy a vehicle from car maker that accepted bailout money?
Sure! Why not? My taxes helped bail them out. I want to be sure they pay the loan back.
No. Avoid them like the plague. They should have gone out of business like every other poorly run corporation.
Not important

13. Would you consider a vehicle manufacturer that's "extinct"?
Yes. They'll be collectors' items soon. They don't make them anymore.
No. There's a reason they went out of business. Plus I had a new car in mind.
Not important

14. What is your marital status?
Young married
Married with children at home
Mature married
None of your business

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