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Meeting Cost Calculator

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Are your meetings cost effective?

This page was designed to help you determine the cost of your meetings.  This calculator does not include the value of lost productivity etc. In our sample we have a two hour meeting of six $60,000 per year executives ($28.84 per hour) in which one goal was accomplished. Replace sample figures with your own situation.

Meeting Cost Calculator

Miscellaneous Costs

Labor Costs of the Meeting

Coffee costs
(Brewed on the premises, approxiately $2.35 per pot)
Average employee hourly wages $
Food & beverages
(ordered from restaurant)
People hours invested
(People x hours. Decimal fractions OK)
Facilities rental Flip charts and other supplies
(based on 35%)
Copies of the meetings minutes
(Approximately .03 per page)
Employer Taxes (7.65 fed + 2.2 TX - TWC)  
Other costs Goals accomplished
(Ideas generated, problems solved, decisions made)

See Meeting Cost Summary Below
The Meeting Cost Summary  is calculated when you press the "Calculate" button above.
You may not edit items in the summary below.
    Material Labor Cost Per
Accomplished Goal

Meeting Cost Summary

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Meeting cost calculator
Original coding by Frank Pasmore