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Going to Heaven Quiz, Tests Are You A Person Better Suited for Being God or The Devil? Fun Religion Knowledge & Trivia Quizzes, Intelligence IQ Tests
Knowledge Quiz based upon Are You A Person Better Suited for Being God or The Devil?, the Religion selector quiz by testiot.
Test your knowledge of: Going to Heaven

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Show what you know by answering true or false to the following. Answer ''false'' if neither applies or you're not sure. Your score will be calculated on the next page.
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Although you probably do not believe in Jesus, do you think that he was a good guy?


Not to insult Muslims, who are supposed pray about 5 times a day (and not that I know their religion very good), do you think that praying is stupid and a waste of time?


Do you think that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what?


Is it OK to take out revenge on someone by either hatred, anger, violence, or killing?


Do you follow rules, based on the assumption that they are necessary for a good society?


Would you not follow rules that make absolutely no sense to you, or contradict your beliefs?


Would you follow a leader who kills/discriminates just for the fun of it or to increase his popularity, if that leader was in a very high position?


Have you read the Bible, or at least most of it, whether it be for fun, faith, or you were forced to?


Do you disagree with the Bible, and its ideas, wholeheartedly?


Do you believe that the HOLY Bible (does anyone know what holy means?) should be torn apart, kicked, spat upon, urinated upon, burnt in the pile of books that Adolph Hitler is roasting his marshmallows on, and subjected to other hideous tortures?
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