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Tyr - God of War and Victory
Nerthus - Earth Goddess
Hel - Goddess of the Underworld
Odin - God of Wisdom and Magic
Braggi - God of Poetry
Heimdall - God of Heaven
Loki - God of Trickery
Thor - God of Thunder and Protection
Norns - Goddesses of Destiny
Sif - Goddess of Kinship and Peace wea
Frigga - Goddess of Motherhood and Hom
Frey - God of Fertility and Wealth
Ran - God of the Deep Sea and Sailors
Aegir - God of the Sea
Njord - God of the Seashore and Wealth
Weyland - God of Smiths
Freya - Goddess of Love, Fertility and
Ullr - God of Hunting
Skadi - Goddess of Mountains and Skiin
Holda - Goddess of Winter, Children an
Eostre - Goddess of spring
Sunna - Goddess of the Sun
Mani - God of the Moon
Idunna - Goddess of Youth and Innocenc
Forseti - God of Justice
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