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What is your Dance IQ?
Test Your Dance knowledge with these WhIcH dAnCe StYl3 aRe YoU? Quizzes
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DanceWhIcH dAnCe StYl3 aRe YoU?
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A Dance Selector by NaUgHy_NaK3d_AnG3l, created October 2003.
Ar3 yOu GoOd At HiP-hOp? Ar3 yOu A rAv3r? Ar3 yOu A fR3aK3r? Disclaimer.
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1. Ar3 yOu A hIp_HoP
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2. Ar3 yOu A rAv3r?
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3. Ar3 yOu A fR3aK3r
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