Survey Says: Top What's Wrong With Me? results, Weird Survey
WeirdThe top 23 What's Wrong With Me? results of 14086 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What's Wrong With Me?.

#1 20.4%
Celebrity or Reality TV Addiction- People use to have talent before you gave the media market support by viewing their programs. You are watching these shows b/c you find your life lacking interest.
#2 18.2%
Computer Dependent Retardation- Turn off your internet. Go to a library for email and surfing (maybe even check out a book).
#3 12.5%
Instrumental Illness- Step 1) Take lessons. Don't wait for the doctor to say, "You're dying from cancer."
#4 11.5%
Exercising Extreme- If you're working at least 4 times a week, accept that no one's perfect and treat yourself to a cheeseburger.
#5 10.3%
Increasing the Japanese Market Syndrome- Congrats, you can shoot things in a virtual world successfully and beat video games. You mostly socialize with friends through an Xbox (or something similar). In Japan, a man actually married a video game character. This syndrome creates horrible communication skills as well as awesome disorders like "ADD" and "ADHD."
#6 4.5%
No Time to Travel Illness- You never will have time, might as well do it now. Passports are under 100 dollars. You blow more on a trip to Wal-mart.
#7 3.9%
Liquor is a depressant, especially hard liquor. If you're down about life, try harder to be happy and stop drinking Jim Beam.
#8 3.6%
Relying Stupidly on Technology Syndrome- You're not attached to the people in your address book, but on the addicting need for instant communication. This makes you appreciate people's true company less, impatient, and socially awkward face-to-face. The only thing you gain is becoming a "profile" stalker and/or texting expert.
#9 2.2%
Midwest Syndrome- Three types of people lives in the Midwest: 1) People who establish themselves in a nice suburban neighborhood, 2) people who've grown up there and talk about leaving but never do, and 3) farmers. This sheltered life makes normal people want to shoot themselves.
#10 2.1%
Painkiller Addiction: At least go for an Amphetamine (upper).
#11 1.9%
Religion Reality Disorder- Physicians and psychiatrists from all the world advise church patients to cease religious activity immediately due to the overwhelming BS side-effects.
#12 1.6%
Loan Debt Disorder- It's nice to have goals. Keep in mind, you'll always be in debt, and the goal in life will turn into paying off that debt.
#13 1.6%
Same State Syndrome- Live close to relatives? Move, even if you like them. Distance is healthy for love. You'll love them more.
#14 1.4%
Tragedy Guilt- When one expresses a genuine concern toward a bad event that affected others, but will do absolutely nothing about the issue, nor lose any sleep over that specific issue.
#15 1.0%
Too Busy for Books Syndrome- Read a damn book. It expands your vocabulary.
#16 0.9%
Underexposed Syndrome- Never have or will encounter marijuana. Probably passed down from tradition.
#17 0.8%
Sell-Out Denial Disorder- If you're a life time fan of a famous group of musicians that came alive in the late 70s/early 80s, it's time to face the fact that they're making way too much to actually care about or create good music.
#18 0.7%
Self Serving Overload Syndrome- You're masturbating too much. You need to either find a way to execute that bizarre fetish no one wants to try with you, get laid, or see a doctor about your overloaded sex drive (if you're already sexually active).
#19 0.3%
Work Environment Negativity- Get over it. We're all in it the same boat. If you can't change the situation or job, then at least have a positive outlook (you're employed). You're bringing people down, man.
#20 0.3%
Writing Disinterest- The fear or feeling of impatience toward writing. Though, it has been proven to be mentally beneficial.
#21 0.1%
The Bar of Fallen Dreams Disorder- Visiting a bar every single week? You best be going to a poker meeting, trivia night, etc. People talking about potential that will never be executed is the most depressing environment one could expose themselves to. Karaoke is a double whammy.
#22 0.1%
Twilight Disorder- To have interest in young adult novels for 13 year olds who read while hoping the main characters have sex. Must I say more?
#23 0.1%
Unexpected Parenting Envy- The kid isn't going away, stop exposing them to negativity.

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