Survey Says: Top What Math's Symbol are you? results, Education Survey
EducationThe top 25 What Math's Symbol are you? results of 238 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Math's Symbol are you?.

#1 11.3%
U: You're the letter for initial velocity. You're a fountain of wisdom and good ideas, but can sometimes be overshadowed.
#2 11.3%
mu - you're the coefficient of gravity matey! You can be a bit opposing at times, but you do have a cool name.
#3 8.4%
Ooh you're the ever so yummy Pi. You're never rational, but a popular within your circle of friends.
#4 8.0%
Lamda: You're a pretty little updside down y thingy. You often feel as if people don't understand you.
#5 8.0%
Always the optimist, you are +. You're warm and friendly, or at least appear so, and are nice to have around.
#6 6.7%
Anyone fancy a cup of T? You're the letter for time. Be patient, my friend, be patient.
#7 6.3%
e is a magic number! Oh yes it is! It's a magic number.... Okay. Well you won't stand for anyone differentiating or integrating you, you go...erm..symbol!
#8 4.6%
You = er, =. You're very decisive and and always there to help in an equation. You may not be the rarest of symbols, or the most interesting, but you are incredibibily fame-ridden.
#9 4.2%
Sigma: You lucky thing, you're sigma. You like to add up the total of things, because it is fun. You can also be used for standard deviation. JOY!!!!!
#10 3.8%
It must be a sin! You are sin! You have a lovely looking graph, with nice little peaks, but are an aquired taste. Like marmite, you're either loved or hated.
#11 3.4%
A: You are the letter for acceleration. That means i must sing. STOP RIGHT NOW! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I NEED SOMEBODY.... ahem....moving on...
#12 3.4%
Ooh you are the ever mysterious x. You represent an unknown number......oooohhhhh.....mysteeeerrryyyy........
#13 3.4%
You are /. I couldn't finmd the proper divide symbol. Oh well. You can be top heavy sometimes, and can be denominating (hahaha). You can be very long and complicated when you feel like it.
#14 2.9%
You are a nice friendly Pair of Brackets. You like to hug things. A lot. HUGGLES!
#15 2.9%
You can be a bit pessimistic and are -. Still, I like the minus sign. It's so nice and simple. Erm... can't think of anything else to say.
#16 2.1%
You can be confused sometimes, and there are a couple of completely different sides to you. You are quite indecisive, and often don't know which way to turn.
#17 1.7%
S: Used in the adorable suvat equations to represent distance. You can be long, you can be short, but you have a song about you. Surely you are a celebrity.
#18 1.7%
y oh why! You are a y! Another mysteerrrious unknown number, or an axis I suppose. Personally, though, I think you might live in the shadow of x. What do you think?
#19 1.7%
You are the lovely log! You are never seen on your own, and change depending on who you are with at the time.
#20 1.3%
You are an indice. You would love to be powerful and strong, and like to make your presence known. You are very helpful though, and always work with someone else.
#21 1.3%
You are.....cos! You often find yourself making up excuses for things, and are often found with other people like sine. You enjoy triangles, but then again, WHO DOESN'T?!?!?!
#22 1.3%
You're a bit of a wierdo, and are tan. You are usually found in a group of three people, but you're the most original one. Oh and where sunlotion dag nab it!
#23 0.4%
You are an angle. Yes you are that little triangly shaped thing. People know a lot of gossip about you, but you don't care. You are also usually found in a group of similar people. I suppose you're the maths equivalent to a cheerleader.
#24 0.0%
x You're the sign for multiplied, you lucky thing.
#25 0.0%
You are a vector. Sometimes you can be left out or forgotten, but you really are important. Come on, stand up and say I AM IMPORTANT!!!!!! especially if someone else is in the room. hehehe.

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