Survey Says: Top What is your horoscope? results, Astrology Survey
AstrologyThe top 12 What is your horoscope? results of 45 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is your horoscope?.

#1 24.4%
You will poke yourself in the eye with a pretzel.
#2 13.3%
You will get lost on your way to the moon.
#3 11.1%
Beware of the Pandas.
#4 11.1%
You will die from candy-overdose.
#5 8.9%
The monkeys are coming.
#6 8.9%
You will be electricuted by the toaster.
#7 8.9%
You will choke on a piece of tofu.
#8 6.7%
You will be abducted by alien chipmunks.
#9 4.4%
The teachers are watching you...
#10 2.2%
You will fail your test.
#11 0.0%
You will slip on a pickle and break your neck.
#12 0.0%
Your problems will not improve.

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