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ComputersThe top 17 Test Your Internet Purity! results of 565 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Test Your Internet Purity!.

#1 14.3%
You need some exercise other than maneuvering your eyes across your screen.
#2 14.2%
You explore the Internet in small amounts. That makes it an added boredom-fighter not an addiction.
#3 11.3%
You spend a lot of time stressed out. Relax.
#4 11.3%
You're a computer geek.
#5 9.0%
You should get your eyes checked. They must be pretty bad by now!
#6 8.3%
The only relationship you have is with your keyboard!
#7 6.5%
You're a gamer. That's fine, but really, what happened to good ol' Monopoly?
#8 5.8%
You do not own a computer and are probably being forced by someone else to take this test right now.
#9 4.8%
You have a computer because all your friends do, not because that's where you meet all your friends.
#10 4.1%
You're just a consumer. You seek more ways to buy "stuff" that you someone believe you need.
#11 3.4%
You're addicted. See a doctor.
#12 2.3%
You have too much time on your hands...
#13 1.8%
You believe that computers are a necessary evil.
#14 0.9%
You are annoyingly needy and attention seeking.
#15 0.9%
You're dirty. Go get clean.
#16 0.9%
You're regular Joe. A little time spent on the computer, to add to the lots of other ways you fill up your day.
#17 0.2%
You're very sexually frustrated.

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