Survey Says: Top What Season are you? results, Health Survey
HealthThe top 4 What Season are you? results of 21605 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Season are you?.      

#1 36.9%
Summer- you have pale skin as well, and a tendancy to have a red face. your skin ranges from ash brown to dirty blonde. You look best in pastel colors with no warm tones in them. like sky blue, mint green, taupe, and gray. You shold never wear yellow or orange, and if you lighten your hair, use platinum, not golden higlights. Your accesories should be silver, not gold.
#2 27.5%
Autumn- you have medium to dark warm toned skin and hair. You look good in dark, warm colors like olive green, Rust, and chocolate brown. You look best if you dont lighten your hair, but it looks great if you darken it. Be sure to use warm tones when doing this. You should never wear grays or pale blues. Your accesories should be gold
#3 22.3%
Spring- you are pale and delicate colored with warm tones to your skin. Your hair is golden blonde, or was and is now darker. You look great in lighter warm colors like coral, aqua, cream, and camel. You should never wear black , and if you choose to lighten your hair, you should use warm highlights, not platinum.your accesories should be gold, not silver.
#4 13.2%
Winter- if you're a winter, you look your best in Dark, jewel toned colors like midnight blue, emerald green, and royal purple. Your hair color is dark and cool tone, never with red highlights. you should never try to lighten it, but it looks great if you darken it. Be sure to use cool tones when doing this. Your accesories should be silver not gold, and you should never wear yellow or orange.

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