Survey Says: Top What College snackfood staple are you??? results, Food & Beverages Survey
Food & BeveragesThe top 15 What College snackfood staple are you??? results of 5909 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What College snackfood staple are you???.

#1 14.4%
Mac and Cheese!-Thick, hardy, and a classic! Close as cooking as one gets!
#2 13.0%
Soup- not used to the harsh realities yet but you conquer the coldness with the taste of home.
#3 11.9%
BEER!- You help people loosen up and have a good time but in large amounts you're just trouble.
#4 11.8%
Chinese- People seem to crave you and yearn to take you home for late. Sadly you get little from the experience.
#5 10.9%
Coffee- You have a mixed reputation. Some love you, others hate you. You can be either bitter or sweet it's up to you!
#6 9.1%
Pint of Ben and Jerrys- You are sweet and dependable, sadly this means people flock to you when they have problems.
#7 6.0%
Spagettios- Warm but not everyone likes your flavor...but those who do are Loyal!
#8 5.0%
Pizza!!!- made to order, adaptable, and loved by everyone!
#9 3.3%
Pop tarts- portable, no hassels, flavorful, a treat on the go!
#10 3.1%
Triskets and ez cheese- you satisfy but are a tad bland.
#11 3.1%
Bagel- Wow! Wholesome and likeable!
#12 2.7%
Candy/chips- Everyone thinks your great but says you are no good behind your back.
#13 2.4%
Ramen- CHEEP! CHEEP! CHEEP! but you also have a cult following of people who need you to get by.
#14 2.0%
Soda-bubbly and bright keep studies up all night. Often Cheery but can induce headache.
#15 1.3%
Rice or Corn Cake-some see you as too good but you know you have a bad...somewhere.

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