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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is YOUR Element?.

#1 24.0%
Mage (all elements)- you may do many things, you must have an understanding of all the elements, and are capable of amazing feats.
#2 16.2%
Earth/water- you have strength from eath, and peace from water. You are probably a green mage and spend your time growing things.
#3 11.2%
Earth/Fire- volcanos and earthquakes are your forte. Violent dangerous forces, a lot of brute strength, but a great deal of danger.
#4 7.6%
Air/Fire- a very powerful combination. Depending on your dispostion, you might be come a weather worker or healer, or a destructive fire mage, controling heat and flame.
#5 6.9%
Earth- you are incredibly strong, and you may call up earthquakes, cause landslides etc.
#6 6.7%
Air- you control the winds and weather, and can see vast distances, air spirits come at your command.
#7 6.2%
Black Mage- you deal with the black arts, necromancy, dark spirits ect. You may even be a demon yourself!
#8 5.9%
Water (you are probably a merperson) you control tides, rain, all water is at your command.
#9 4.9%
Earth/Air- you may be a healer or a weather worker, depending on your concern for peoples well being.
#10 4.1%
Fire/water- rare for the elements are opposite, but these are powerful storm makers and sometimes healers. You might also be good at war spells.
#11 3.0%
Air/Water- a pure combo, you are a white mage. You specialize in scrying, healing or weather working.
#12 2.2%
Fire (very rare as most die) you control heat, lightning, and may congure flame itself, but with the added danger of incineration.
#13 1.2%
Spiritual- very different from the others, you deal with pure energy and spirit beings. You are a very mystical person.

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