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SimpsonsThe top 11 Which under-rated Simpsons character are you? results of 1050 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which under-rated Simpsons character are you?.

#1 49.9%
Dr. Hibbert - There is nothing like a good chuckle to solve all your probems.
#2 14.1%
Moe - he cerainally has an attiude problem, but has a good heart really.
#3 10.1%
Professor Frink - probably the most lovable of all the characters, his extreme personality makes him stand out, and he is super brainy.
#4 7.1%
Bumble bee man - Although quite an inconspiquous character, his outfit and depressed attitude make him an unforgetable character.
#5 5.8%
Sideshow Bob - hater of rakes, and strongly believes in revenge, but he has a very "cheerful" laugh.
#6 4.7%
Lennie/Carl - We take them for granted, coz they're always there, but they have good hearts.
#7 3.6%
Snake - a true criminal, but you gotta love him.
#8 1.9%
Ned Flanders - People may hate him for being so religious, but they wont be laughing when he is in heaven, looking down on them, and who would expect him to have a six-pack?
#9 1.1%
Squeaky voiced teenager - you will probably find him working at a fast food place, but he is only a kid, and quite ambitious.
#10 0.9%
Krusty the clown - Both loves and loathes his job, but cares more than he lets on.
#11 0.8%
Groundskeeper Willie - Grumpy, but looks good in a kilt

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