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#1 12.0%
Asmodeus: One of the seven top hierarchy of demons, he is known as the demon of lust and obsession. His main mission is to prevent matrimonial sex and he makes an appearance in the Book of Tobit as the demon killing off each of Sara's seven husbands. He is sometimes correlated with Abadon, the Destroyer in the apocalypse.

#2 11.8%
Venus: Originally the Roman goddess of vegetation, over the years she became identified with her Greek equivalent Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. Best known for riding around naked on clamshells or being a giant ball of carbon dioxide and basalt rock in the sky. (Lesser known for being the first Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon manga/anime where her attack includes the Venus Love Me Chain!!!)

#3 7.0%
Seth: (also known as Set and Setekh) Ancient Egyptian god of chaos, storms, and foreign lands. Best known for murdering his brother Osiris, cutting him up into many pieces, and spreading them throughout Egypt. (Osiris got better though... except they couldn't find one *cough* important * cough* part.) The lettuce story... I think I'll keep this poll rated PG-13 and just let you google that.

#4 6.6%
Lilith: Legendary first wife to Adam who first appears in written form in the Alphabet of Ben Sira. She refused to be deemed inferior to Adam and left the Garden of Eden to become a lamia (demon who kills and feeds off young babies) or succubus (female demon who seduces people in their sleep), depending upon the version of the story.

#5 6.1%
Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom and war. After Zeus swallowed her pregnant mother, Athena stepped out of his head fully grown and armored. (Oww!) Athena supposedly founded the city of Athens and was well known for lending a helping hand (or shield/aegis as may be the case) to heroes in need.

#6 6.1%
War: Common name for the second rider of the apocalypse. He appears in Revelations Chapter 6 on a red horse and is given a sword and the power to take away peace from the people. ''It's going to look pretty good, then, isn't it,'' said War testily, ''The One Horseman and Three Pedestrians of the Apocalypse.''- Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

#7 5.0%
Raiden: (also known as Raijin) Mythological Japanese god of thunder, often depicted as having claws, red skin, and the head of a demon. Best known for his cameo in the video game/movie Mortal Kombat. (where there was a distinct lack of red skin, claws, and demon's head.)

#8 4.1%
Loki: Norse god of mischief and tricks, he is most well known for instigating the death of Baldur, god of light and beloved by all except mistletoe. For this crime Loki was bound in the bowels of the earth with snake venom continuously dripping on him. He will be freed at Ragnarok (Norse end of the world) to lead the legions of chaos against the Norse gods. Bad Loki!

#9 3.6%
Leviathan: One of the seven top hierarchy of demons, he is the known as the demon of envy. He is often described as taking the form of a great serpent that dominates the seas. (In this way he bears considerable resemblance to the Midgard serpent.) Dante saw Leviathan as a evil spirit in serpent-form that entangled itself around its victim until the two were indistinguishable.

#10 3.2%
Michael: One of the seven archangels, he is one of the two (the other being Gabriel) angels mentioned by name in both the New & Old Testament. Best known as being the battlelord of heaven (whose name was used as a warcry when the fallen angels were vanquished from heaven), there is some debate over his being prince of the seraphim (highest of nine order of angels) or of the angels (lowest order) Often connected to Raphael in popular culture.

#11 2.5%
Famine: Common name for the third rider of the apocalypse. He appears in Revelations Chapter 6 on a black horse with a scale in hand and his coming is heralded by the price of wheat and barley costing a day's pay. Oddly, enough olive oil and wine were immune to this inflation. (Looks like Dionysius has some influence with the Management!)

#12 1.8%
Zeus: Greek god of thunder, Ruler of the Sky and all other Greek gods, a position that he received after killing off his own father, Chronos. (Chronos had been eating all his children though, a fate which Zeus narrowly avoided, so it's all good.) Zeus had quite the eye for the pretty mortal ladies and fathered many children (much to the chagrin of his sister-wife Hera) the most well known being Hercules.

#13 1.6%
Bob: The dragon, the beast, the anti-Christ, Sir-Not-Appearing-in-this-Fic, the [insert character who is supposed to bring about the end of the world]. Currently AWOL.

#14 1.6%
Quetzalcoatl: (also known as Gukumatz or the Mayan Kukulcan) The Aztec deity of the morning star, knowledge, civilization, learning, and a creator sky-god. Depicted as a feathered snake, Quetzalcoatl is linked with the destruction and creation of various worlds and is supposed to be the creator of humans in the current Fifth World, and his return may herald the end of that age.
#15 1.1%
Death: Given name for the fourth rider of the Apocalypse. Among the four horsemen, Death is the only one whose name is actually mentioned within the Bible. Death is described as riding a pale horse, an ashen horse, or a pale green horse (The latter which brings to mind the hilarious image of Death riding a My Little Pony) and is linked to Hades. (Greek god of the Underworld) Death makes many cameos throughout various fictional pieces, including a starring role in Terry Pratchet's Discworld series where he SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS.

#16 1.1%
Kali: Hindu goddess of destruction, the dark form of the goddess Devi. She first manifested herself when the goddess Parvati was battling the demon Raktabija who created new demons with every drop of blood he shed. Parvati, in the form of Kali, drank every drop of the demon's blood to prevent him from reproducing and then went into killing rage until her consort, Shiva, threw himself before her. Kali is portrayed with dark skin, a protruding tongue, and four arms.

#17 1.1%
Thor: Norse god of thunder, war, and strength, he is supposed to create the thunder and lightning with his hammer Mjollnir. He is supposedly the strongest of the Norse gods but is a little bit dim. He is fated to die from venom after killing the Midgard serpent coiled around the earth during Ragnarok (the Norse end of the world.) Most well known for giving his name to ''Thursday''.

#18 0.9%
Dionysius: Greek god of wine, vegetation, and revelry, his roman counterpart is Bacchus. Dionysius is most well known for drunken orgies (woo hoo!) and is often depicted as a beautiful, androgynous boy. A beautiful naked androgynous boy. The legendary Bacchae (Maenads) were a cult of fanatic female Dionysius worshippers who were known to be so fierce in their love-making as to kill their partners.

#19 0.9%
Pestilence: Common name for the first rider of the apocalypse. There is nothing in the description within Revelation Chapter 6 that particularly links Pestilence to this rider (the first rider having a white horse, bow, and crown to ride to his victories and thus is often called ''Conquest'' by biblical scholars) but since it's common lore that there are four horsemen of the apocalypse and Pestilence is supposed to be one of them, this is where he'll have to fit. Sorry, Pest.

#20 0.7%
Raphael: One of the seven archangels, he was mentioned in the Book of Tobit as the one who cast out the demon Asmodeus who had been killing the seven husband's of Sara. Often connected to Michael in popular culture; Raphael is most well known as the angel of healing.

#21 0.5%
The Management/Administration: The actual existence of the Management is still under question.

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