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ComicsThe top 8 Which Preacher character are you most like? results of 604 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Preacher character are you most like?.

#1 33.9%
God- he fled heaven after Genesis (the child of an angel and a devil was born). He is being hunted by Jesse
#2 18.0%
Messiah-the half retarded child that resulted from line breeding among the decendants of christ
#3 13.2%
Proinsias Cassidy - Our good Irish Vamp lives on a strict liquid diet (blood and booze) had a history of drug abuse (heroin) and has a thing for his best friend's girlfriend (Tulip). But no matter what, he really is a sweetie.
#4 8.8%
Arseface-He earned this name because after the death of Kurt Cobain he attempted (and failed) to kill himself via a shot to the head. The blast destroyed his face leaving him grotesquely malformed. He became a rock star and is an all-around nice guy but people just donít understand him.
#5 8.1%
Saint of Killers-exactly what it sounds like
#6 6.6%
Herr Star-A German member of The Grail that desires to replace the messiah with a more competant substitute
#7 5.8%
Reverend Jesse Custer- Also known as Preacher Jesse has been possessed by the bastard child of a demon and an angel named Genesis. He is in love with Tulip and is being hunted by the Saint of Killers.
#8 5.0%
Tulip-Raised by her father in a manner befitting a boy Tulip is deadly with a gun. She is also in love with Jesse.

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