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Wild AnimalsThe top 5 What furre are you? results of 90 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What furre are you?.

#1 33.3%
You are Simon Potter! You are Mysterious, you don't give out any information on your player, and you're optomistic. "It's just a game!" is your philosophy. You councel furres and would probably make a good guardian, if you aren't already. A modest furre, you enjoy composing music in your spare time.
#2 32.2%
You are Talzhemir! You enjoy drawing, roleplaying and patch making. You keep most of your RL info to yourself, and you're constantly working on a project or ten, making socializing in Furcadia minimal. You have thousands of interests, making you a very unique furre!
#3 17.8%
You are Marah~Fae! You let your heart guide you in decision making, and you're modest in your abilities. You enjoy patch making, drawing and furre page building. You'd probably make a good pixel beekin. You're like fire: fierce and free! You're a pagan/wiccan, a priest/ess and enjoy writing articles/short stories and poetry. You also love carrots ^.-
#4 13.3%
You are Felorin! You enjoy programming, hugs and socializing. Most of the time you're in Sanctuary, and you let logic rule when making decisions. You'd make a good Beekin Bugge, if you're not one already!
#5 3.3%
You are Emerald Flame! You're a priest/ess who hangs out in Sanctuary and/or involve yourself extensively in the Beekins. You're a workaholic with a firey personality. You end a smiley after every sentence ^.^ You'd make a good associate, if you aren't one already!

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