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#1 44.0%
Safia Delrose - You're the smart, sensible and independant water sprite. People may think of you as passive, but you have a short temper, can kick some serious butt and have a heart of gold. awww.
#2 12.0%
Jilli Rupe - You're not exactly the main character, but are down to earth and nice. You aren't afraid to critiscise someone and don't keep much to yourself, but this can be a good thing or a bad thing... And you're a gnome.
#3 12.0%
Nyte Shya - You may be a bit, um, evil at times, but hey the story's about you! You are strangely funny and loveable, and can go invisible, so s'all good. Besides your half vampire, half faerie and surely that's cool enough. You're also a bit of a recluse (well you've been locked up all your life) and have a small issue with death...
#4 8.0%
Albertus Shya - Well you're the king and a vampire and are a bit mushy. You do try to kill your own son, but I think that you are a nice guy. You are often caught between your head and you heart, and this can be difficult for someone so compassionate.
#5 8.0%
Nossira Nossila - You're sweet and want to be respected, although this never is really gonna happen. You're a red elf and are easy to please, with a firm trust in those who compliment you. You are a bit childish but hey you can grow up later, right?
#6 4.0%
Ardnacksella Hess - You're a bit of an arse kisser and have rather strange taste. Still, it's the quiet ones you have to watch isn't it, and because you're quite cowardly you may do something you'll later regret.
#7 4.0%
Brian Nossila - Again not a main character, but you're sensible and maybe a bit boring. Well maybe a lot boring. You're a bit of a geek - no offence, and are protective of those who you love.
#8 4.0%
Dim Krill - You're a bit sickly, but are also fun. You can do magic, which is wierd for a wood sprite and it makes you ill, but are also funny. You are cool, and I think I like you.
#9 4.0%
Leb Agreorg - You're old and reclusive, being able to tell the future and being prepared to kill for just reasons, or get someone else to do it for you... anyway you can be a bit nasty sometimes.
#10 0.0%
Carmella - You may seem stuck up and spoilt to some people, but on the inside there's a totally different side to you. Don't be afraid to tell others what you really feel
#11 0.0%
Clorissa - You're a good leader and seem to have no fear at all. Still, you may be a little too work orientated.
#12 0.0%
Kash - You're overly shy and introverted. You hate meeting new people, but when you do find someone you like you will trust them with your life.
#13 0.0%
Mindric - You're evil and cunning, and no one really likes you. You're a bit of a creep - but hey you're king!
#14 0.0%
Mo - You're confident, obnoxious and arrogant. Although you may be completely self-centred, you're totally unafraid to voice your opinions.
#15 0.0%
Mr Delrose: You're a good listener and are nice and caring, although you're not exactly a main character, most people like you.
#16 0.0%
Mrs Zana - You're friendly, perhaps overly so, and always appear to be smiling. You're very affectionate and like to know what's going on with other people's business - ok so you're nosy.
#17 0.0%
Muller/Bird-Woman - You're obsessed with tradition and respect. If people don't treat you the way they should you certainly won't stay quiet about. You also love nothing more than a good rant.
#18 0.0%
Niele - You're sneaky and love to lie. Although you really do aim to do the right thing, this hardly ever happens, mainly because you will do whatever it takes to avoid getting caught.
#19 0.0%
Placio Rupe - You always try to do your best and are a genuinely nice guy. You are a very loyal, but veery boring, fat little gnome with one eyebrow. Wahey!
#20 0.0%
Rosemarie Shya - You're an uppity faerie who can be a bit cold and distant. You do have reasons, though, but can be more concerned with appearence than what is the right thing to do.
#21 0.0%
Rugo Janfin - You're a bit quiet, and very clever. You are brave and are always willing to do your thing, especially to help your lil sister. (of course you might not even have a little sister)
#22 0.0%
Seline - You're a totally loopy person who loves the idea of fame, and gets more than a little starstruck. You'll always see the best in people, and have a very colourful personality.
#23 0.0%
Servant - You aim to serve, oh and will betray someone if there's money in it for you! Basically you want to be rich, and will do anything you can to carry out this ambition.
#24 0.0%
Strena / Nives / Archibald - You're a ki - lin, and can instinctively tell right from wrong. You are very special and are a good omen, so people like having you around!
#25 0.0%
Vilma Asyn - You are independant and are willing to do anything to work your way to the top. However you are a bit of an arse-kisser, always working for someone else. You are beautiful, though, even if you are a bit of a tacky faerie. Oh well you can fly!

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