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Arts & ArtistsThe top 6 Which one of my characters are you? results of 45 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which one of my characters are you?.

#1 42.2%
Jerint Rou- A casual and careless bounty hunter with a short fuse and a dark sense of humor.
#2 26.7%
Marevoy Tshilden- A silent half Paint dog, half Harrier Hawk Immortal. When she does speak, people listen.
#3 17.8%
Kailth Tokaish- A stern yet playful Tevellar. She is Captain if the Guard, and a bit harried by those who think her not right for the job.
#4 6.7%
Dherig Joeslfloan- A happy-go-lucky scythe wielding Tevellar (rat-like race) with a sense for high adventure.
#5 4.4%
Vincent LeTroy- A confused and troubled Immortal schitsophrenic.
#6 2.2%
Nagatsu Yamito- A laid-back and blind Dragon Immortal of the Wind and Thunder element.

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