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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top SO JUST HOW DUMB ARE YOU? results, A Entertainment Selector
EntertainmentThe top 16 SO JUST HOW DUMB ARE YOU? results of 50 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for SO JUST HOW DUMB ARE YOU?.

#1 44.0%
"Q" is the "any key"!
#2 18.0%
#3 10.0%
I bet you stare at orange juice to huh?
#4 8.0%
I gotta know how does one get out of a strait jacket?
#5 6.0%
Did you put padding on the walls of your house?
#6 4.0%
Even your pets think your stupid!
#7 4.0%
do us a favor, DON'T have kids!
#8 2.0%
Please seek help as soon as you can!
#9 2.0%
The voices in your head are your freinds do as the say!
#10 2.0%
wanna go on "Springer" with me?
#11 0.0%
Do you spend alot of time tring to look smart?
#12 0.0%
I bet you had a really silly nick name as a kid right?
#13 0.0%
It does hurt yes?
#14 0.0%
OH I get your Rich right?
#15 0.0%
So, did all your family drop out after 2nd grade?
#16 0.0%
You play along with game shows right?

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