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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top Harry Potter House of Wax results, A Books Selector
BooksThe top 25 Harry Potter House of Wax results of 36 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Harry Potter House of Wax.

#1 30.6%
Harry Potter- you are easy to like and gain popularity easily
#2 25.0%
Hermione Granger- you are brainy and concerned
#3 13.9%
Fred Weasley- you like to pull pranks
#4 8.3%
Bill Weasley- you like mystical creatures
#5 8.3%
Servus Snape- you are cold and ruthless, you also want to teacher Defense against the Dark Arts
#6 5.6%
Draco Malfoy- you'll do anything to stay on top of the crowd- even betray your friends
#7 2.8%
Remus Lupin- you are an excellent judge of character
#8 2.8%
Ron Weasley- you are most likely to not be in the spotlight
#9 2.8%
Vincent Crabbe- you aren't importent but you are reasoureful
#10 0.0%
Albus Dumbledore- you are totally in charge
#11 0.0%
Cedric Diggory- you are valient and kind, also always willing to help a friend in need
#12 0.0%
Cho Chang- you are popular and someone famous has a crush on you
#13 0.0%
Fluer Decalour- you are concieted but still care for others and their feelings
#14 0.0%
Fluffy- you have multiple personalities
#15 0.0%
George Weasley- you are funny and likeable
#16 0.0%
Gilderoy Lockhart- you are full of yourself
#17 0.0%
Minerva McGonagall- you are strict, but kind and like griffins
#18 0.0%
Norbert- your personality
#19 0.0%
Pansy Parkinson- you are bitter about many things
#20 0.0%
Percy Weasley- you are very strict and like to abide by the rules
#21 0.0%
Peter Pettigrew- you are a snivilly coward, sorry.
#22 0.0%
Rita Skeeter- your sneaky and will do anything for attention
#23 0.0%
Rubeus Hagrid- you like animals and being outdoors
#24 0.0%
Viktor Krum- you are constantly in the spotlight and thus you are slightly bitter
#25 0.0%
Voldermort- you are sly and cunning but you are also bitter about a past loss

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