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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top Who's Your Perfect LOTRs Guy? results, A Lord of the Rings Selector
Lord of the RingsThe top 10 Who's Your Perfect LOTRs Guy? results of 1649 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Who's Your Perfect LOTRs Guy?.

#1 24.7%
Aragorn - You like them with sexy manly stubble and of great importance (He's King yay!).
#2 24.3%
Legolas - Look how pretty he is!
#3 13.7%
Figwit - For those who don't know who Figwit is (Shame on you!) visit
#4 8.7%
Frodo - Look at him go! What more can I say?
#5 7.6%
Pippin - Fool of a Took! And a cute one at that!
#6 5.7%
Éomer - Mmmmmm I would! (There are reasons for this *cough* talent *cough*).
#7 5.3%
Faramir - As long as you haven't seen him in "Moulin Rouge" hehe.......
#8 3.5%
Haldir - Look at his sexy blonde Elfness!
#9 3.3%
Samwise the Brave - He likes his turnips! "I cannot carry the ring, but I can carry you!" lucky Mr Frodo (and Sam too).
#10 3.2%
Merry - Mmmm talent heaven...

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