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Games & ToysThe top 5 kingdom hearts characters results of 13 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for kingdom hearts characters.

#1 61.5%
you are Sora, When your Crush goes missing you just don't stand around YOU GO FIND HER!Even going to distant lands to find her,You have a lot of inner strength and are fearless.
#2 23.1%
you are goofy,You are clumsy and absent minded,and you also hate weapons and are very kind to everyone
#3 7.7%
Kairi, You are very kind and sweet,(not to mention have two people in love with you) Your heart is pure,but lets not forget you are very strong. ^_^
#4 7.7%
you are riku, you are very cool about everything but are very powerful, having switched to the side of darkness to save the one you love,you won't let anything stand in your way even if it means having to kill your best friend.
#5 0.0%
you are Donald, you have a very bad temper,but don't let that fool anyone,You will stick by your friends no matter what

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