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ComputersThe top 7 What computer component are you? results of 54 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What computer component are you?.

#1 42.6%
CD-Rom - You love having things inserted into you, you snatch them up greedily. Where would we be without you? We can boot from you, listen to music, watch movies in general violation of copyright law, anyone that doesn't have you is no one. Some idiots often mistake you for a coffee cup holder though.
#2 16.7%
RAM - You remember things easily when you are turned on, sometimes there isn't enough of you to go around. Static electricity is your natural enemy, on the downside when you are turned off you're useless!
#3 11.1%
FLOPPY - you are pretty useless aren't you? Although you have been around since the first computer, you are useful when the CD-Rom won't boot or your needed to transfer a small file, but that's about all your good for.
#4 9.3%
HARD DISK DRIVE - You have the capacity to store all sorts of information, however when you become unstable, look out you're very likely to be replaced by a younger and more attractive model!
#5 7.4%
CD Burner - everybody wants you, if they can't have you they go to others who do. You bring us endless joy, we can use you to transfer anything and you take a load off your friend the Hard Disk Drive. Occasionally you make the odd mistake, but you are one popular piece of hardware!
#6 7.4%
CPU - Upon first inspection you seem to be more powerful then is necessary, but your power is quickly superseded and you're nothing but an out dated and out of work chip found in the spare parts pile.
#7 5.6%
MOTHERBOARD - You are the backbone of you ecosystem, without you nothing would ever happen, however you are totally reliant on other components to get anything done.

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