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ReligionThe top 10 Which evil asshole are you? results of 218 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which evil asshole are you?.

#1 17.9%
"Morah Etti" Raskin - You a power-hungry Israeli Oklahoman who loves torturing a select few people.
#2 17.9%
Evan Anslow - You are a filthy rich retard who treats people as possessions and comes up with the lamest reasons to hate people.
#3 14.2%
John Kerry - You are a hypocritical lying Democrat who can kill by looking at someone with your hideous face. You remind me of Frankenstein.
#4 13.8%
Ed Borroughs - You are a 90 year old contractor who could be Ken Lay's grandfather. You like stealing money from innocent people.
#5 9.6%
Matt Brower - You are a stupid person who goes through 15 girlfriends every month and is nice to people you want to be nice to.
#6 8.7%
Elizabeth Grasso - You are a goody-two shoes friend of the administration who secretly prays to Hitler every night. You cry when people call you a racist. You hate Jews for no reason.
#7 7.8%
Hitler - Don't even get me started.
#8 5.5%
Satan - Nuff said.
#9 3.2%
You failed. You are NOT evil.
#10 1.4%
Mrs. Brennan/McDonald - You are an age obsessed businesswoman-turned math teacher who everyone secretly despises.

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