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ReligionThe top 4 Which of the four ruling demons of Hell are you? results of 1654 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which of the four ruling demons of Hell are you?.

#1 41.7%
Satan- The father of humanity, he brings creativity and individuality to all that follow him, but for all his hard work, he's the most severely insulted of them all.
#2 23.1%
Beelzebub- Often confused with his half-brother, Satan, he is a master of airspace and weather, his punishment for Satanic disunity can be severe his mood can change from calm to angry ver quickly.
#3 23.0%
Azazel- He follows close to his grandfather, Beelzebub's, footsteps as a master of airspace while he is also a master of art and craftsmanship and a promotor of justice. He is very close to his twin sister, Astaroth.
#4 12.2%
Astaroth- Worshipped popularly around the world as a goddess of love and fertility under various names, she is an expert on all matters of the heart. She is very close to her twin brother, Azazel.

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