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AnimeThe top 10 Manga Artists results of 3368 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Manga Artists.

#1 41.7%
Kosuke Fujishima- "Ah, Megami-Sama!" "You're Under Arrest!"
#2 18.7%
Naoko Takeuchi- "Sailor Moon" "The Cherry Project" "Miss Raine" "July Marmalade B-day" and others.
#3 11.4%
Clamp- "Cardcaptor Sakura" "Clover" "Magic Knight Rayearth" "Peach Girl" and others.
#4 5.8%
Reku Fuyunagi- "Gundam Wing Ground Zero"
#5 5.4%
Megumi Tachikawa- "Saint Tail"
#6 5.3%
Mato- "Gundam Wing" "Pokemon Adventures"
#7 5.1%
Umi Tuskirino- "PiPiPi"(Pokemon)
#8 3.1%
Koichi Tokita- "Gundam Wing"
#9 2.2%
Makoto Kobayashi- "What's Michale?"
#10 1.2%
Chiho Sato- "Rev. Girl Utena"

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