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EntertainmentThe top 6 which of ashley's friends are you? results of 8 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for which of ashley's friends are you?.

#1 100.0%
sarah:you are wonderful and artsy and i always come to you for advice.
#2 0.0%
amy:talk about a goody goody church cirl. we argue, but i respect you, when you aren't telling me how to live my life.
#3 0.0%
audra:my angel, i had to cut you loose, you gave me too much pain, my little rosemont girl, stop the drugs and come home.
#4 0.0%
james:you are my boyfriend, you are crazy, but i love you.
#5 0.0%
justin:my party friend, you are wonderful and sweet, and you write well, you will be mayor some day.
#6 0.0%
owen:you music elitest, i have never seen someone own so many records, you are fun, you make me laugh, and you are always traveling..

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